A Flower of the Forest

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About the Author

Dorset born and bred, Jean Keston spent her childhood in the little seaside town of Swanage, in the Isle of Purbeck; a place second to none so her father always maintained. From her mother, one of a large family in the Forest of Dean, she inherited a strong sense of family, and Gloucestershire soon became a rival to the love of her own home county.

A confirmed bookworm, and then 'scribbler' herself from an early age, Grammar School promised horizons denied her parents, but fate decreed otherwise and at the age of fifteen, of necessity she entered the world of work, abandoning all thoughts of a writing career.

Married for 36 years, only after raising her own three daughters did she discover the books by Winifred Foley; books which convinced her that perhaps she should seriously resume 'scribbling'. Again fate stepped in, providing an opportunity to write something 'straight from the heart'. Now living in Bedfordshire and enjoying grandparenthood with her husband, it is, she says, the only way to write.